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Nutristrucutral Correction vs. 

    Traditional Chiropractic

To understand how Nutristructural Correction is different, we must first define Traditional Chiropractic:  Traditional chiropractic usually consists of working on decreasing muscle spasm, increasing range of motion, and reducing pain.  This is what MOST chiropractors in the area offer in the way of care; and I believe that most of these folks do a great job.

Nutristructural Correction focuses on three main points:

    Providing Specific Structural Adjustments

2)    Use Of Specific Nutritional Supplementation

3)    Improve/Correct your condition.

​ Unlike traditional chiropractors, here at COMPLETE CHIROPRACTIC we focus on Nutristructural Correction (NSC).

NSC is dedicated primarily to the improvement of the underlying cause.  We treat each patient specifically to their individual needs.