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As we mentioned earlier, here at COMPLETE CHIROPRACTIC we focus on the Nutristructural correction of the spine (NSC). We provide specific adjustments and use of specific nutritional supplementation to improve/correct your condition. Referring to our example of the car being out of alignment, our goal is to direct your spine to what’s considered normal, just like restoring proper alignment to a car.  By improving your Nutristructural condition we relieve pressure on the discs, which subsequently will relieve pressure on the nerves, thus improving/correcting your condition. After a review of the options available in respect to your health challenges, we will explain a detailed overview of our approach and how we aim to improve your health condition. We will review your Initial Phase of Care, it would be recommended and discussed with you during your Patient Recommendation Conference.  We will also be discussing Complimentary Requirements and what will be required of you.