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When viewing structural alignment, we do not expect anyone to be perfect, but there is a normal range. This concept can be found in other areas of health-related conditions. For example, we understand what high blood pressure is because we know what is considered normal blood pressure. We are familiar with what is considered a fever, because we know what is normal body temperature. A Nutristructural shift is the body shifting no different than a car being forced out of alignment.  A Nutristructural shift may be what is causing your body to experience symptoms (secondary condition) and correction of the nutristructural shift (primary condition) may be what is needed to improve and eliminate your symptoms. Normal alignment for the spine from the front should be a straight line from the top vertebrae to the bottom vertebrae, with no major shift in the spine.  When viewing the spine from the side we should see three normal curves: the cervical and lumbar spine (lordotic curves) and in the thoracic spine a kypohotic curve.  A change in these normal alignments would indicate a deviation of the structural alignment away from normal and may be considered abnormal if the spine has gone out of the range of normal alignment.



What Is A Nutristructural Shift?