At COMPLETE CHIROPRACTIC we feel you should have a chance to find out if our approach is right for you.  That is why we offer a complimentary consultation for you to sit with the doctor and talk about your condition without any pressure.

Our consultation begins with you telling the doctor about what has brought you in to COMPLETE CHIROPRACTIC.  Next, we will discuss the health challenges you may be experiencing.  The final part of the consultation will then offer insight about the type of care we provide and how our treatment differs from traditional chiropractic care largely offered in this area. Remember, at our office a consultation is always a conversation and not a commitment.

Following the consultation, if you feel what we do in our office is a good fit for you, you may schedule a structural examination.  A consultation generally takes about twenty minutes and examination times are available immediately following the consultation if you decide to schedule then, or another day.  Remember there is no obligation to schedule after the consultation. After all, most people would not buy a house without first taking a look at it first, your health should be no different.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in you may contact us at