The Department of Transportation requires drivers to get regular DOT physicals to make sure they meet the standards to perform their job duties and keep our roads safe.  If you need a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exam, DOT Drug, or Alcohol screen call for your appointment today.  We will try to get you in within one day.  We have all the necessary forms that will be required for the physical.  You will need to bring your driver’s license and be prepared for a urine test.

Dr.Davis will perform the physical exam according to the federal regulations:

-Brief Review of Your Health History
-Vision Check
-Color Vision Check
-Height and Weight Measurements
-Blood Pressure and Pulse
-Urine Analysis
-Basic Physical Exam

You will receive your Medical Examiner’s Certificate right away if you fully pass the exam.
We also DOT Drug or Alcohol screens according to federal regulations.

If you are an individual, company, or corporation that needs to have DOT Exams done then call to schedule your appointment today at 338-4200.